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Concept op the months June and July 2012: NOTION OF TIME

A football pitch, somewhere in the East of Amsterdam. I am standing with my back towards the opponentís goal. A team mate of mine has the ball. There's eye contact. I call out his name. He plays the ball to me. Right before I receive, he says something. A familiar word. I understand any rush is needless. When he cries out the same word shortly after, I am confused. Other players take their eyes off the ball. They start leaving the pitch. My confusion makes way for a notion of time. First I had time, now it is time.

I've just turned 18. Sheís just turned 18. My friends have just turned 18. Just yesterday. Yet it is 2012. So much time has flown by that any realization falls short. The notion of time is theoretic, as it comes from outside. A clock that runs. A season that changes. A moment that passes. A moment that comes. A body that endures less. A body that recovers. I see it, but I donít sense it. I havenít felt time elapsing.

Sometimes it seems as if I experience a certain notion of time. When all is quiet, for instance. As soon as I go back to action though, it disappears before I know it. That is pleasant as well. Work thatís finished. A vacation that approaches. A beard that grows. Hairs that turn grey.

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