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Concept of the months February, March and April 2013: EMERGENCY PLAN

Everything can go wrong. This happy observation is not a request to force majeure to attack the many beautiful things in my life, but the prelude to my inevitable topic of this month's blog. That is because, in different areas, I have recently come across faulty emergency plans.

On the one hand it was FC Barcelona who did not know how to deal with AC Milanís sturd or Paris SGís ingenuity during most of their matches. In my work, on the other, I was left with the impression that the world's most modern bicycles can handle anything except falling.

BarÁa is still contending for the major trophy. However, they donít have any alternative for when their quick passing game fails. The use of long-distance shots and physical strength is beyond their power.

Carbon makes modern bikes ever lighter, more agile, stronger, more durable and more efficient, but only when youíre riding them. They can take any type of hit on the rowdiest and nastiest courses, but they wonít break your fall.

Nonetheless, I think emergency plans sometimes require too much effort. Thinking about it is thinking about non-existent misery. And the sea level is rising far too quickly to do that.

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