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Concept of the months February, March and April 2012: DIARY

Live it rather than tell it, I often say. This might seem odd for someone who loves writing and likes to talk a lot. I deploy this adage whenever Iíve failed to reserve time for writing. My blog is now three months behind, and I hardly make film reviews anymore and Iíve even skipped the odd football match report. However, where I have cut back on writing the most is in the realm of that great archetype of free writing, the diary.

I started writing a diary when I was eighteen. Before that, I only wrote a few fictional stories at school or made notes of events that impressed me. At the time I believed diaries were for adolescent girls, the terminally ill, and explorers. But after my first few weeks at university, I began writing a daily report of my life. Perhaps because those days were like an expedition to me. Either that or I must have simply had the urge to report something each day. I applied a telegram style and never left anything out: ďGot up at half nine. Had breakfast. Did the groceries. Studied. Walked to station.Ē

When I moved to Vitoria, Spain, two years later, it was evident that I would continue my diary. I find it quite entertaining to read those notes now, although the telegram style sometimes raises more questions than it provides answers.

Due to and sometimes completely unrelated to various circumstances, I stopped writing in my diary only to pick it back up again later on numerous occasions. Somewhere around a quarter of the way into my 15 years of diary writing, the style changed drastically. From that moment on, I tried to write beautifully and elaborately about a limited number of experiences.

I must admit, after writing this blog, I feel like making another diary entry. Simply because I enjoy writing. But then again, I might leave it. Right until I experience telling about it as living it again.

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