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Concept of the month of November 2012: DISH DRAINER

The other day, my girl cleaned my cooker and worktop until they shone. She did this spontaneously and voluntarily, as thatís the kind of country we live in. The crown witness of this outburst of kitchen activity was my dish drainer.

This dish drainer has the same shape as the one from my childhood, except that one was red. My father used to wash up and Iíd dry the dishes three days of the week. Accompanied by the sonorous bumping and sloshing of cups and plates we would chatter about football and school. Or I would musingly stare at the suds. Then all of a sudden the drainer would be full.

To me, the beauty of my dish drainer is its simplicity. The truth is that it is not very practical that the plates need to lean against the wall, the cutlery tends to slip through the wires or glasses easily break in it. But Iím glad it hasnít got a tray or cutlery compartment or any other kind of nonsense.

I hardly ever dry dishes anymore. My musing stares are now directed at my spontaneous and voluntary girl. In the meantime, the dish drainer performs its trick. The dishes go on steaming and dripping, they come off dry and clean. My dish drainer does magic.

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