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Concept of the month October 2012: HOUR

If I hurry, I still have a while. Do the cooking in a bit, eat dinner fast, and off to the footie. Until then, the clock is ticking against me. But I donít have a clock. The month is drawing to a close. Next time the hour hand passes by, it has to be done. But I donít have a clock. All I have is an hour.

Thinking out loud. Back on winter time, we have an extra hour. Itís vanished. Worthless angle.

Autumn then. A thousand smells and colours in the park. Damp cold air. Hat and gloves out of mothballs. Commonplaces, boring, no go.

Dullness. Persistent drowsiness. Got up late without resting. Lack of inspiration. Eked out a first draft. Delete the first draft, kill your darlings.

Give it up or continue. Lukewarm tea. Dry throat. My eyes itch. Bashing the keyboard. Give in to the incapacity. Sheís got an idea.

Scratch my head again. Do something. The washing is already in. Bagís been packed. Too late to make fresh tea. Read old blogs. Frustrating rather than inspiring. Glance at the clock. But I donít have a clock. That was the hour.

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