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Concept of the month October 2011: GUT FEELINGS

A friend of mine got married recently. Shortly before his wedding, we talked about the technological progress of mankind, as you do. He argued that we were better off when we lived in caves. I could see his point. Cavemen must have had surveyable thinking patterns. Their primitive urges enjoyed free play. While they donít anymore, they still remain. Theyíre now called gut feelings.

This month I have experienced rare feelings of desire and loathing. Thereís one person I wish to stay as far away from as possible and thereís another Iíd like to have as close to me as possible. I have felt this way on occasions in the past, but these cases have a longer history. At times, they make my gut seriously challenge my mindís authority. While thatís exactly when I need to relax as if on a tepid lawn, all my body wants is to dance around hysterically on a volcano. Come here, you! Sod off, you!

As a language animal I could wonder why these feelings are attributed to the gut. But the question itself dissolves in the feeling. Everything is pushed to the background. This is how gut feelings make life just as surveyable again as it was for cavemen. Mayhem.

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