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Concept of the month November 2010: WINTER LOVE

The days shorten as the sky turns grey. Cosily gathering around the central heating is the greatest good. Outside we resist the bleak wind only to bask in the snugness of our home. Nesting urges creep up as we yearn to hide from the dark cold together. Autumn fever. Winter love.

Winter love is a lot less common a term than summer love. Their mutual contrast stirs our imagination. While summer love makes me think of wild passion on a tropical island, winter love stands for profound intimacy in a small living room. Summer love is all about excitement, winter love takes it easy.

Probably, winter love lasts longer than summer love. Where summer brims with energy, wintery fires are slower to flare. Winter love is a cuppa on the sofa, summer love is three bottles of wine on the beach.

Of course, there are similarities as well. Both shapes of happiness are fuelled by a turn of the season. Both spring and autumn fever grant significance to something that, at any other time of year, would strand as a fancy. Whether you are running along the sea holding hands or hanging up eachother's snowy coats by the fire, it should never end.

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