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Concept of the month May 2012: KINGDOM

My kingdom for her smile! I have cried it out on numerous occasions this month, but also during the months before. In line with my previous blog, I will take this opportunity to vent my personal ups and downs. At the same time, I am following the example of a photographer friend of mine who shares his adventures with the digital world in his typically subtle yet candid fashion. Because it is high time for me to mention my girlfriend. I will keep her name to myself, but I want the world to know that her smile to me is worth at least a kingdom.

I have always lived in a kingdom and the three languages I work with, all originate from one. Sometimes, I am under the impression that my freelance company is a kingdom, and my humble dwelling its royal palace. However, I have only started to feel like a king since she started to visit it as my queen.

The expression “my kingdom for…” exists in all three languages. It implies a certain delusion of grandeur. That’s quite understandable. Because every time she smiles at me, speaks out my name or places her foot next to mine, I feel grand.

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