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Concept of the month May 2010: BICYCLE

Recently, when a friend of mine arrived at a birthday party in a sports car, the vehicle was elaborately admired straight away. I hardly felt anything. To me, it was a mere object. This month, I purchased a brand new bicycle. It was my first not second-handed, my first all paid for by my own money, my first in the size that suits me. Suddenly, when it came to this piece of iron, I found myself feeling actual pride. I am showing it off to everyone. Look, itís got a hub dynamo.

It goes without saying I am quite pleased with it. In Amsterdamís narrow streets, a bicycle is the perfect means of transportation for racing the clock, swerving around excavations and running over tourists. To do this in a comfortable position makes it all the more pleasant. Back straight, legs almost fully stretched and the happy humming of the wind brushing the spokes.

Still, it is a somewhat strange sensation. Apparently, I am pretty materialistic after all. On the other hand, I do not consider my bicycle as an object, but rather as a true friend. And I thoroughly need those, as I realised once more when just the other day, one of flesh and blood returned after travelling for two years.

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