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Concept of the month July 2011: SHEEPISH

Ants all live in service of their group. While man also lives in groups, he is a gregarious animal. He only follows the flock, however, when this serves his individual interest. If it doesnít, indifference, passivity and indolence rear their heads. I try to resist. Until summer comes. Then I become just as sheepish.

Just outside my town, a cycling path meanders between a lake and meadows to a castle. It is ideal for both touring and racing, which I both enjoy. The path crosses the home of several sheep. The sheep wander onto the path every now and then. Sometimes they allow me a quick brush or push, sometimes they cast me a knowing glance before they calmly step aside to resume their attentive grazing. Their eyes radiate this overwhelming sense of peace. Actually, sheep always look contented.

The sheep help me realize how sweet it is to surrender. Especially when youíre on a trip. To surrender to the trainís rhythm to dream away, to stirring music to forget or to the seduction of seducing. To follow the flock like a sheep without knowing whether itís heading in the right direction. Weíll see.

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