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Concept of the month January 2015: THIRD EAR

We threw a party last month, in honour of the one we had to cancel at the last moment a year earlier. The actual birthday boy spent the night at his grandparents. Some guests did bring their offspring, whom we put up in our sonís room. While their parents paid attention, we had an evening off from listening with our Ďthird earí.

When our baby is asleep, one of us is always within earshot, as we donít use a baby monitor. Still, it is possible we donít hear him the instant he makes a sound. Like on New Yearís Eve when fireworks are set off. It never takes long though, because our third ear is cocked. Sometimes we may need to listen actively for a while to find out what that sound consists of exactly, but by now we are usually able to catch all details straight away.

Where thereís a third ear, there must be a first and a second ear as well. I donít know which is which with me, although one must be better than the other. I do know that my first two ears seldom tell me correctly from which direction a sound comes. This is a piece of cake for my third ear.

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