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Concept of the month January 2013: VACUUM CLEANER BAG

My house is normally a mess. Chairs are in weird places, the desk is filled with junk and the hall seems like a parking lot for pointless objects. Worst of all, however, is the dust (please see blog of June 2010). It accumulates with the speed of light day after day. This is partly due to the sunís blissful rays entering across my balcony (please see blog of August and September 2012) and partly because my apartment has poor ventilation and is therefore quite damp. My vacuum cleaner is not the problem, as I use it regularly, just like I enjoy washing up (please see blog of November 2012). Apart from a hypoallergenic filter, an ecologic suction mode and handy extensions applicable to a range of surfaces, it has an excellent vacuum cleaner bag.

Once I saw a commercial in which a woman tore open her vacuum cleaner bag, desperately looking for a cigarette stub. Between clouds of possibly months of floor dirt, she found it. Although I have never smoked, I understand the sentiment. Going through your own waste is a higher form of self contemplation.

My first vacuum cleaner didnít have a bag. Although this saved me an annual ride to one of those strange shops, it was useless. The plastic box catching the filth had to be emptied somewhere. This meant that at least a quarter of it went straight back into your airways. No, thanks, Iíll stick to the vacuum cleaner bag.

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