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Concept of the month February 2011: CHERISH

Contentment is the highest cause. The most heroic act of all is to refuse heroism. This month I have come to realize that being happy with what youíve got can feel great. I had been considering to leave the football team I have been a part of for six years now. However, a string of wonderful Saturdays filled with fellowship and friendship that have made me retrace my steps. I belong in that team. It is my team. It is a team to cherish.

Shortly after taking this decision, I sustained an injury that will keep me sidelined for about six weeks. Annoying as this may be, it helps the cherishing. For now I get to cherish their sympathy as well, next to forming part of the team.

I love the concept of cherishing because it sounds as warm as it is intended. And it works two ways. You cherish something because it has great value and something becomes very valuable because you cherish it. Thatís more than enough reason to dedicate a blog post to it. I cherish being able to write about it. And still being able to ride my bicycle.

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