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Concept of the month December 2013: WAITING

Since about three weeks ago, we have a cat. It's my girlfriend's old cat, back on track for new adventures. Her being old is definitely true, but she doesn’t do adventures. The walks to and from her food and box are more than enough. The good thing about this is that we can safely leave our food on the table, because she won’t try anything. Obviously, she sleeps a lot, but her main activity seems to be waiting.

To me, waiting is torture. Yet I often keep people waiting at appointments. Between a group of friends we have come up with the idea to allow each other a seven-minute margin. We call it the standard deviation. Complaints can only be filed once those seven minutes have passed.

Cats are said not to have any notion of time (see blog of June and July 2012), so to them waiting is not waiting. It is nothing. Human beings organise entire courses to create an illusion of nothingness for themselves. That's clever, because taking and preparing those courses fill lots of time.

My girlfriend and I are also waiting. One more month, approximately. To her it doesn’t feel like waiting, but to me it does. It is a relatively pleasant kind of waiting, comparable to waiting for Christmas Day. But it is still waiting, the pure hating of time. That is probably why our cat seems so happy. So, as long as we're waiting we'll just occupy ourselves with her.

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