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Concept of the month August 2013: PRIMAL SCREAM

When you feel first-hand that it is really there. When she watches you score that important goal. When you find out that your dream house will be yours. But also when during the move, you let the door fall shut with all the keys inside. Or when you harshly bump into the same thing in the same way for the second time. Or jump into the water from 30 feet high. Then something needs to come out. Not because anyone would want to hear it, but because it bursts out from the depths of your soul. Once it reaches the surface, all senses hit the roof for one instant. I am talking about the primal scream.

Your throat is sore. Your abdomen still trembles. Your ears burn. It feels like you travelled around the world in a few seconds. Slowly, you return. Itís a mixture of satisfaction and amazement after such acute clenching of power.

The primal scream is pure energy and therefore requires some recovering. This automatically creates a moment of quiet which is quite welcome. After all, both deep frustration and intense pain need to be put into perspective. And great joy is something you want to relish. That is why, except under certain circumstances, I am all for the primal scream.

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