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Concept of the month August 2010: TO YIELD

Being on vacation is to give in to the urge of doing absolutely nothing. To go far away from everything that needs to be done, without moving an inch. To respond to the inner call for a break from all stimulation. To indulge desires from deep down. To embrace idleness. To yield.

Early this month I spent a few days in my hometown. On the sunniest one, I took my bicycle and pedalled around the historic harbour. There, a small snack stand caught my eye. I knew what to do right away.

The owner greeted me as if she remembered me from long ago. That might even be true. After completing my purchase, I strolled with it to the wide wooden quay. At the water end I sat down.

There I was, my legs dangling over Lake IJssel, the sun massaging my neck, the Main Tower keeping watch. In my hand was a Calippo Orange. Across the water was the park where we used to take family walks every week. Yield away.

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