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Concept of the month April 2011: WHIM

From night frost to summer in a fortnight. It has been a month of reversals, both for me and for the people around me. Perhaps that is because one reversal provokes another. Thus all of us take turns falling prey to a whim.

A whim can be manifested by fleeting pleasure. For instance, I can be enchanted by a low flying cormorant or a stargazing cat one day, while stoically racing by them the next. A whim can also be a flash of inspiration. One moment a translation rolls out of my fingers as prolific prose and the next I am struggling to find the appropriate words.

Whimsical people can often be found amongst artists and athletes. I enjoy taking example from them. Although neither as a football player nor as a writer I am storming the skies, I find it reassuring to know the coming and going of bright ideas plagues the greats of our planet as well.

On top of that, I love the word whim itself. I like throwing it in, as its meaning is both crystal clear and endlessly mysterious at the same time. I could easily elaborate on this. But I feel like doing something else now.

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